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Acceptance Finance is a privately owned, boutique finance broking company who specialises in mortgages, vehicle, and equipment finance. It aims to pursue the creation and protection of their clients’ wealth by offering competitive and suitable lending solutions to their financial needs.

However, while Acceptance Finance is an expert in financial solutions, they were in need of an in-sourced business-grade IT solution, and thus turned to Powernet.


"Our previous IT service supplier was not progressive enough and was not meeting our expectations"
Angello Carruba
Head of Operations


The Challenge

For Acceptance Finance, the biggest area of concern was business continuity. Their existing system lacked redundancy, and had single points of failure, which would significantly inhibit business operations. This was critical when dealing with important financial services that Acceptance Finance is responsible for.

“[Our previous IT service supplier] was reactionary, rather than forward-thinking, and because of that, we didn’t have the best technology at our disposal. This meant we had a lack of efficiency, which was really holding the business back from a technical perspective”, says Carrubba.

The Solution

Realising the risk their IT infrastructure posed to the business, Acceptance Finance implemented a business-grade solution with the necessary redundancy required to ensure minimal interruptions to the business. In order to do this, Powernet reduced their reliance on local server and storage infrastructure and leveraged the power of the cloud for business critical applications.

With the move to cloud-based applications, Acceptance Finance became ever more reliant on connectivity to the cloud. Powernet implemented redundant data links terminated to a Sophos firewall, which allowed for an automatic 4G failover.

“Powernet implemented our new technical infrastructure with no issues at all. Pre-planning has always been very good and their execution of solutions has been excellent overall”, says Carrubba.

A Datto business continuity appliance was commissioned to ensure that in the event of a local failure, Acceptance Finance would have the ability get back online within minutes, either locally on the Datto appliance, or in the Datto cloud.

“The systems implemented by Powernet are very stable, which really helps our business. There has never been a case where Powernet has been late to implement a project”, says Carrubba.

For over 10 years, Acceptance Finance has looked to Powernet to plan, manage projects, and implement change. This includes Powernet’s Unlimited Support care, where Powernet’s dedicated and Datto-trained technical support team fixes any technical problems that the company faces between the business hours of 8am-5:30pm.

“Powernet’s day-to-day services have generally been very good and processed within the expected times”, says Carrubba.

The Results

For over a decade, Acceptance Finance has been using Powernet’s business-grade IT solutions in order to be up-to-date with the latest technological infrastructure and solutions available in the market. Acceptance Finance can now operate with the assurance that their business can operate efficiently and without having to worry that a technical fault will put a halt to their operations.

“Overall, Powernet’s implementation of Datto servers has meant that we are a lot more efficient in our business processes. For us, efficiency has been the most noticeable gain. With Powernet, we got exactly what we thought we would get. They have met all of our expectations”, says Carrubba.

“I would recommend Powernet because of their excellent service. It has been and still is fantastic and we expect it to be of the same high standard going forward”.